Forget Valentine’s Day?

They say that many relationships end on Valentines Day but why? Is the day cursed for those who look forward to it? To show someone that you genuinely care, is this the best day and time to go all out? The truth is, love can be very spontaneous, knowing just what to do at the right time. The reason why love can accomplish this is that it’s always aware of the other’s needs. Yes, Valentine’s Day can be quite a lovely day for loved ones and lovebirds out there if you sincerely want to do something for that person. But if you feel obligated and are just doing something because you don’t want the other getting mad or just to keep them pacified, it may be time to rethink your approach to love altogether.

Blog Talk-(Video Below)-Forget Valentine’s Day? Let’s talk about Love! True story, a guy was running out of a major retail store because he just stole chocolates, balloons, and roses and security was hot on his trail. Another walked up to my counter and said: “just pick something out!” No thought behind the gift, just a quickness to get in and out knowing that just getting her something would keep her happy for the night. But my question is, is Valentine’s the day that if you get someone a gift that means you truly love them?

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