‘Avengers: Infinity War’-Review

Warning! Spoilers!

I’m not going to lie when the buzz about who died in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ started to circulate online I was curious and couldn’t wait until someone leaked all of the spoiling goods! When ‘Avengers: Civil War’ hit the theaters I also waited patiently for the spoilers because I didn’t want to be shocked by any changes since Captain and Iron Man were going up against each other. I already know what was going to happen in the film before I went to purchase the tickets. My heart couldn’t handle the drama of it all within the team.

Now, who’s dying in Infinity War? How will this war end? If you’re into the comics, you may already know but then again with so many people trying to guess what was going to happen that lets me know that maybe, just maybe, Marvel isn’t following the full layout of the comic series. 


Thanos–the villain–is on the hunt to complete his collection of all six infinity stones which will make him the most powerful being on earth! The Stones, once all placed in his iron glove (the Infinity Gauntlet) will allow him to whip out half the population, something Thanos really believes is beneficial for re-balancing the universe. 

What made me laugh is that The Hulk was so intimidated by Thanos that he didn’t want to come out and help everyone fight. He picked the wrong time to be so selfish, as this was a fight between life vs. death. Hulk’s ego was too bruised, and he didn’t seem to consider what was happening at all. He and Bruce are living separate lives. We see that Hulk can stay in control and live his own life in ‘Thor Ragnarok’. Bruce as a man did stand up to the villain and his clan while trying to talk Hulk into doing the same but we don’t see the Big Green Guy anymore after Thanos kicked his butt at the beginning of the film. 


While the deaths of many of the heroes were sad, the ones who really had me wanting to suit up and take on Thanos myself were his daughter Gamora and Vision. Vision did suffer as he was willing to sacrifice his life by destroying The Mind Stone before it ended up in the hands of Thanos. Unfortunately, since Thanos had The Time Stone, he was able to rewind time and bring Vision back after the Scarlet Witch destroyed The Mind Stone with her powers, all for Vision to be brought back and killed again. Imagine experiencing a painful death twice! 


Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy was the Love Sacrifice that Thanos had to make to retrieve The Soul Stone. You could tell he loved her dearly, but he wasn’t going to allow anything to come in between him and his plans. 

I have a feeling that she already knew he would kill her as she asked Star-Lord to kill her before her Father could capture her because she found the stone but didn’t tell him. She knew the secret to retrieving it. When it neared the end, she tried to avoid the inevitable, but it was too late.

It wasn’t until the end when Thanos retrieved the last of the six stones that many of the heroes turn into ash and vanished. Among those who survived are: Captain America, Iron Man (saved by Dr. Strange), Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, War Machine, Rocket and Nebula (Guardians), Okoye and M’Baku (Wakanda), Shuri (Black Panther’s sister), and others who weren’t seen in the film such as Hawkeye who are presumed alive. 

‘Infinity War’ part 2 will likely take place with the surviving heroes fighting to bring back those lost to Thanos destruction including Black Panther. 

Overall the film had the right balance of humor, action and story arch even for those who are coming in, in the middle of the films. There is just enough dialog to understand what’s happening even if you didn’t see all of the hero’s individual franchises.

IronMan Walking

 I’ll be looking forward to seeing what happens next but you best believe as soon as they are released, I will be checking out all the spoilers before going to see the next film as well, as a helpful practice in keeping my emotions in check! 


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