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Should you be aware of your application, e-mail and chat etiquette when inquiring about remote/work from home jobs?  Since the employers can’t see us when we apply virtually, does it make their initial reaction any less impactful? We are here to tell you that, “yes,” your etiquette and posture when applying for work from home jobs do matter!  You should be aware of your language and displaying a can-do attitude. 

The Employers, initial reaction to your vibe and verbiage through virtual communication could stand between you and the job. When the application asks you “Why do you think you’d make a good candidate for our team?” when you answer this, you should highlight the critical skills you have that align with the job of which you’re applying. Not only should you highlight these skills but you should also be aware of your grammar and punctuation. 


Who would you hire?

You should hire me because (i am a good employee) vs. You should hire me because (I’m a strong communicator who has worked in your industry for over ten years. I work hard to deliver the quality and exceed the expectations of my Employers. I have been actively seeking a job in this industry so that I may display my talents and help customers who are in need of this service.) Just by reading the two statements here, which one would you hire? Did their answers seem to make a difference to you? One made sure to acknowledge the industry, the customer and employer’s expectations.  The other seemed to not care about impressing the Employer nor did they display any knowledge or experience in the field of which they were applying. 

Knowledge is indeed power! Often we are asked, “What kind of jobs do you offer?” We are usually asked this in places where our website, video content, and posts about our job opportunities are viewable; when this is the case, we do not reply back. There is nothing worse the rewriting information that one can easily find if one took the time to look.  It is essential to be willing to educate yourself somewhat about the company and the job position by using the resources that are available. When an individual inquires about information that’s already right in front of them this is an instant turn off and is usually seen as a reflection of the work one will do if hired. 

Being able to research, apply critical thinking skills, manage your own time, prompt to responses, organized, a strong communicator and self-motivated are all important, even more so, when working from home. Since we aren’t meeting up in person, we must be able to convey clearly, what the goals, expectations, and requirements are.

When inquiring or applying for jobs imagine you being the Employer for that position and ask yourself before submitting “How would I respond to what I’m saying?”; asking yourself this will help polish up your answers and responses and making sure you deliver an impactful statement that stands out from the rest.


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