Get Ahead Of Bullying This School Season


     We here at The Work From Home Life would like to encourage YOU the reader to get ahead of school bullying this season! If you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, brother, sister or friend heading off to school, encourage them to treat themselves and others well. If more people did this, we could crack down on a lot of the anxiety and pressures kids feel when they are picked on or when they think they must participate in teasing someone else due to peer pressure. 

     In 2018 alone we have had 30+ school shootings with many of the shooters citing bullying as the cause. One could argue that because children and teens see and hear about these situations all the time, they know to do better now; the truth is they don’t! The youth need a constant reminder that it’s not okay to pick on anyone. It’s not okay to make anyone feel small and less than for any reason. The higher road and the most mature thing to do is stand up against bullying others and help build someone up instead of tearing them down. This level of understanding isn’t just picked up, but it’s taught. 


     Here in the U.S. children are in school on an average of eight hours a day, five days a week. That is a long time to be away from home and away from family. Usually, kids who are being picked on are forced to suffer through it to make it through their courses and on to the next grade, but we can encourage them NOT TO SUFFER IN SILENCE! Reach out and ask any youth you have in school, how things are going. Ask them if they need any help or if they need someone to speak to about anything going on. Find ways to show them you’re open to listening. 

Girl getting bullied in high school hallway

Bullying Being Reported 

     Too often we hear cases of both those bullied and those reporting bullying getting ignored by the parents and school officials. It’s time to do preventive care! Can we 100% control everything? No, we can not but what we can do, is do all that we can. Don’t ignore the signs and the information being passed off to you or to someone you know. Ask if they need help. Research what can be done to help move things forward in a better direction. Get involved in a positive way and encourage others to do the same. Don’t wait until a tragedy strikes! 

 Not Everyone Wants To Do Right!

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    It is true that even when we do the right thing, it can still be met with resistance, hatred or can flat out get ignored. In these cases, it’s best to step away, do your research to understand the laws and your rights and then pursue a resolution. Usually, when faced with the opposition we think to stop and step aside but when it comes to doing the right things we shouldn’t give up before understanding what actions and steps we can take.

Lead by Example! 

     The youth are watching what we do as adults. They watch how we treat each other and if they are around, they hear how we talk about one another. Encouraging better behavior isn’t just about finding bad or abnormal behavior and dealing with it, but it’s about teaching something better, hopefully, before bad behavior has an opportunity to be of any influence. Showing the youth that we are also practicing better actions and conversations will motivate them to do the same. When children see us act out or talk about someone else they feel it’s okay for them to do so as well. Bullying is very much a thing among adults also. If we are going to bring children into this world or be guardians, family members or friends active in their lives, we owe them the opportunity to be a light in the world. Don’t discourage that by not being a light yourself but instead lead by example!

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