Balance In The Work Place


Today there seems to be no balance in the workplace. Whether working from home or brick-n-mortar there can sometimes be a lack of acknowledgment of the hard work being rendered by professionals in their respected fields.
     As workers, unfortunately, when left feeling like we don’t get the respect or 

acknowledgment we deserve, many of us accept it to keep our jobs because we fear standing up for ourselves could cost us our next paycheck. The truth is, we should begin standing up to companies who mistreat their employees with more work and less pay, along with the threat you can be replaced; promises of incentives that never come through; passing off your ideas as their own; using customer surveys and metrics to blame employees/contractors for things of which they should take responsibility. Companies are out of control due to the employee not exercising our power out of fear. Since there is always that next person looking for a job or the next person looking for a promotion we keep going and take work-related abuse out of fear of losing what we have to the prospect.
     It is true; many companies have lost their ability to recognize talent and appreciate it. Here in 2018, it’s all about you doing what you’re told: “OR ELSE!”  Many employers don’t understand that a healthy balance keeps everyone happy from the employer to the employee; when anything becomes one-sided, it’s bound to have many problems and issues down the line.

     Bring back the days when employers use to seek out good talent and would fight to keep that talent from going to their competition. Begin now, standing up for yourselves and the way you are being treated. Tell the truth about what’s happening around you and don’t just accept what’s being placed on you and handed to you. 


We are witnessing in 2018 the power of social media and business ratings when it comes to Public Opinion. Now is the time to begin sharing your experiences in the workplace and discouraging others from seeking jobs in hostile workplaces.
     Not all opinions and feedback are helpful to certain situations and circumstances, but when it comes to your real experience, that you know affect you on a daily basis, those things should be shared and acknowledged.


We here at The Work From Home Life encourage all of you who read our blogs and follow our social media post, to be the best professionals; always maintain your professionalism when addressing your job-related issues. Go into the work-place understanding your goal (what you want to accomplish) when you’re meeting with managers and bosses about your concerns. Have a presentation ready that will prove your case. Stay focused and don’t allow your emotions to cause you to have reactions or say things you will regret later down the line. Even when sharing your thoughts about a job or product on social media, keep your composure. We don’t want to come off more or just as hostile as their complaint. We must rise above!
     There are some great companies/businesses out there who still care for and about their employees and recognize good talent. These are the jobs worth seeking. Thank you to all the hard workers out there striving to do your best! 

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