About Us


The Work From Home Life, LLC provides call center support and business services to Professionals who want to start their contracting business from home providing customer service for Fortune 500 companies. We are a group of high ranking customer service professionals with over 25 years in customer service experience. The Work From Home Life is a retired Gold Premier Partner and call center who contracted for Arise Virtual Solutions. Now we are lending our expertise to those of you who are ready to start your work from home business.

The Work From Home Life, LLC was founded by Customer Service Professionals who like many others seeking work from home jobs, wanted flexibility in their schedules as a means to continue on the path of successful entrepreneurship or freedom within their time. Finding sustainable work from home opportunities can pose as quite a challenge; so we began training and actively providing customer service for various clients which we knew was a great opportunity to open the door to others desiring to work from home. The Work From Home Life is striving to be the example and business standard for those we provide services for.

This opportunity is for you if you are: 

  • Seeking to save money by not having the expense of commuting to work everyday
  • Wanting to set your own schedule
  • Have more time with family
  • Earn extra income while working on other career goals
  • Save on child care expenses
  • Looking to begin a customer service career
  • This last bullet is left for any other reason why you personally feel working from home is right for you!


  • Clients are seeking to contract with the best customer service professionals.
  • We are a team of thriving professionals here to assist you and make your time working from home the best experience.
  • Work From Home is a virtual environment; most communication is conducted via e-mail and virtual conference rooms. It is important that if you’re starting your business you are prompted in checking and responding to e-mails.
  • Only those with strong communication skills should consider this opportunity.
  • Contractors must be thorough, following instructions and taking the time to research and understand systems and gathering information before 100% relying on others.
  • Working From Home takes a level of discipline and self-motivation
  • Certification courses for a client can take 6 weeks or less (depending on client). During certification you must have 100% attendance during certification.


Below is a list of some of the most active client opportunities. Availability varies upon the time you get started. We discuss all available clients during the enrollment process.

Cable Company 
Assist customers with billing or video technical repair inquiries and more.

Roadside Assistance
Servicing of inbound calls for roadside assistance and other service requests.

Dining Reservations
Guests wishing to make reservations for Dining, Children’s Activities and more for the #1 theme park company in the world. 

Resort Reservations
Make reservations for Lodging, Dining Plans, Tickets, Air, Packages, or answering general question about those areas.

Cruise Lines
Inbound calls for assistance with booking cruises from customers and client’s Travel Agent partners.

Book Company
Assist customers with online book orders and more.

Tax Client
Answer calls (during tax season) for one of the top tax software providers in the country.

Car Rental
Certify working from home as a contractor to provide customer service for our car rental client. 

& More!