What’s the longest time a CSP (Customer Service Professional) has ever contracted for one client? 
We’ve personally heard testimonies of CSPs who have provided excellent customer support for one client as longs as 6 years or better.
How many hours am I able to work for a client?
Hours available can vary per client. Each client has a minimum hour requirement that you agree to meet weekly (before you enroll in a client course you’ll see the minimum hour requirements in the information of that client). Usually the minimum hour requirement is between 15-20 hours a week. Full-Time hours are available for many clients. 
Can I really choose my own hours?
Yes. Each client does have a minimum hour per-week requirement but how you schedule for those hours Monday-Sunday is up to you (some clients may have certain days and holidays specified with minimum service requirement).
How will I train for a client opportunity?
Training is done virtually with a live instructor. Certification/Training courses also include self-pace work and assessments to ensure you are ready for servicing.
Am I paid for training?
As contractors we are not direct employees of the clients we service therefore we are not allotted any benefits such as: paid training, healthcare, paid vacations, paid leave (of any kind) or insurance (of any kind). You are personally responsibly for your own benefits.
Why am I required to cover the cost of equipment, client certification/training and enrollment?
You are starting a contracting business. As a contractor you are not a direct employee of the clients you are servicing, but you are investing in the opportunity to choose your own schedule and provide excellent service to clients seeking independent contractors to provide service for their businesses. In return those same clients offer certification courses so that you can learn more about their business, consumers and products for the opportunity to service for that client once you pass the course.
What can cause me to fail the background check?
The following situations may cause a background check to fail:

  • Felony or certain misdemeanor convictions
  • Pled guilty, no contest, deferred or probation before judgment, or had adjudication withheld
  • Disposition of No Contest/ nolo contendre on felony or certain misdemeanor charges
  • Record of pending or outstanding warrants

Can I provided customer support for more than one client?
As a contractor you have the opportunity upon completion of certification/training to provide customer support for as many clients as you can handle within policy. We don’t recommend contracting for more that 2 clients at a time.
Once I am enrolled who will I contact with questions I may have about choosing a client, certification/training, hours and payment?
We here at The Work From Home Life, LLC offer support to start-ups for the first 30 days of you being active on the platform. We will be your first point of contact with question you may have. We will also provide helpful information on how to access client information and contacting support on the network upon enrollment.
What roll does the IBO (Independent Business Owner) play in my hiring?
You are being hired as a sub-contractor when you choose to work through a Call Center already contracting on the Arise Virtual Network. It is through their business entity that you are able to service the clients of your choosing. It’s their responsibility to ensure that you meet all servicing requirement for the clients you’ve been qualified to service.
How am I paid for my time worked? 
For those of you starting your contracting business, you’ll be paid via Direct Deposit twice a month for all revenue earned from the 1-15th of the month and the 16-End of month. You’ll have access to the Payroll Calendar once you are certified.

If you are contracting through another Call Center, please consult your IBO for payroll details. 
What type of support is available once I begin providing customer support for a client? 
Each client has their own set of policies, procedures, knowledge systems, chat support and QA facilitators that will assist you in providing excellent customer support. During training you will learn all you’ll need to know about each client’s servicing systems and tools.
What equipment will I need for this work from home opportunity?
Minimum Equipment Requirements: 
1. Landline Phone-with no special features such as call waiting, fax or voicemail-this ensures that as you’re providing customer service to our clients you’re not interrupted by such features.(required)
Note: Cell Phones, Magic Jack, Google Voice or any other VOIP services are not permitted. 

2. High Speed Broadband Internet (Cable or DSL) (required)
Note: During client training and servicing you must be hard-wired via ethernet cable from your Cable or DSL modem to your computer-wireless is not permitted.

3. Windows 7 or Windows 8 (required)
4. USB Headset with Microphone (needed for Certification) Logitech, Plantronics, Microsoft, or similar brands recommended. 
5. Hard-wired Telephone and headset (needed for Production) Plantronics T10 or similar recommended.  ​


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