Home Employment Standards

When you’re hired as a contracting customer service professional there are work from home employment standards that help you to rank high in your profession which has its share of perks and benefits.


Depending on the client/s you choose to service, once hired as a sub-contractor you are responsible for ensuring you meet the metrics of the client/s. It is the our companies priority to make sure that as you provide customer support to Fortune 500 companies you meet client policies, metrics and standards. When a sub-contractor does not meet policies and standards the sub-contractor runs the risk of being dropped from their client opportunities.

Your Professional-Self

We’re only hiring those who are self-motivated, professional, dedicated and serious about the work from home opportunities available. We’re contracting those who will certify and join client opportunities immediately. Once a client is chosen there are training courses that are both, virtually taught by a live instructor and self-paced. We are only hiring CSP (Customer Service Professionals) who will show determination and dedication in completing and passing client training to begin servicing.

Take Notice

Even though this is a work from home opportunity the level of professionalism, company policies and standards are the same as the jobs you’d commute to work for everyday. When you choose a client, we are holding you responsible for completing client training. When you set your schedule you are held responsible for ensuring you’re able to service the hours you’ve selected. With each client comes different work systems, policies, metrics and more; we are looking to only hire professionals who have every intention of meeting them all with exceptional service. While simply doing the bare minimum may keep you in good standing, we are hiring sub-contractors who will go ABOVE and BEYOND, rising above standards and expectations when presented the opportunity.