Live Information Session

Event Reservation

Our Start-Up Business Information Session takes place in our virtual meeting rooms. We’ll share a link to the virtual meeting room 24-48 hours prior to the event’s start time. Sessions are weekly for one hour as follows: 

Mornings: 10AM-11PM EST 
Evenings: 4PM-5PM EST 

Setting Real Expectations  
You should only opt for this information session if you are strongly considering starting your business providing customer service from your home office for Fortune 500 companies. This is a sustainable job opportunity which requires some level of computer and customer service skills, along with effort to complete certifications and day to day job tasked per the client you choose to work for. If you are seeking a work from home opportunity that’s quick and easy with little work involved, this is not the business for you! 

To join our information session reserve your seat using the form below. Limited seats available!