Why Join Us



Before you join us it is important that you understand that we are a serious call center with big goals. If you are a professional who currently has other obligations that will not allow you to do the following please do not opt to join our call center team.

  • We need agents who can commit and pass their first certification with their first client.
  • Can handle a virtual learning environment and manage your own time
  • Can practice patience while waiting for instructions.
  • Take the job seriously enough to understand that your actions affect not only yourself but this call center. 


  • If you have poor communication skills and are prong to ignore e-mails or text messages.
  • Have other obligations where something else can come up that will keep you from certification.
  • If you are already doubtful that you’d like to go through with working from home.
  • Don’t have a quiet environment for servicing. 
  • Do not like learning new things in the field of computer and technology.
  • If you do not understand that you are joining a team who is serious about this line of business and we are looking for agents who are passionate about working from home, who can commit and have a goal of success!

Why Join Us

•We are serious and care about our agent’s success. We are here to help you as you train and while you service.
•Get paid on time and keep track of pay-dates with our yearly payroll calendar.
• Get access to our awesome team hub full of great information just for our team that will help you along on the Arise network.
•You‘ll be joining a team that will fight for you. We manage metrics and stay in constant communication with our team to make sure that we are meeting the requirements of the clients.
•There is no such thing as messaging us and not getting a reply. We communicate with our team to answer your inquiries in a timely manner and always keep you up-to-date, including providing tips as you train and work.


•Great communication skills
•Basic computer and computer navigation skills
•Commitment to certification courses and client requirements.
•Agents who can commit to client contracts for 90 days or greater
•Self-motivated and thorough in reading and following instructions.
•Good at time management and active listening.
If you’re ready to get started working from home message us and we’ll be happy to assist you with completing your enrollment.
Once You Join Our Team

•We’ll send out an awesome document including our Video Presentation Series that will help you get started.
•Included in our document you’ll learn more about Equipment Requirements, Client Revenue and more.
•We will also give you a call to answer questions you may have about getting started.


Our contact information
Our website: https://theworkfromhomelife.com
Message us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/theworkfromhomelife
Email us: info@theworkfromhomelife.com